The difference.

As of May 23, 2023, Blume Software Engineering LLC is dissolved and no longer in operation. However, this website will remain in place for you to take advantage of the material presented in the "Articles" pages - until further notice. Blume Software Engineering LLC is about efficiency, multi-use, fulfilling known, stated requirements, communication between stakeholders and getting it right up front within each iteration of an engineering process that leads to solid, working software that is also extensible and maintainable. We do that by adhering to just enough process so that several coders may be working together simultaneously - designing and building from a set of "master diagrams" that enable everyone to be working on different parts of a project - that is managed with a set of "blueprints". Those "master diagrams" are built incrementally so that work continues on known quantities while requirements gathering and management proceeds apace. The old "stovepipe" model of having one person work on one project at a time - in a vacuum of detailed requirements - doesn't fit our business model. We start at the beginning - with requirements. We may start with a small set of requirements, build and test to those requirements, then continue to gather more requirements or change prior ones - until we have what a business needs - and a system or systems that fulfill those needs. Extensive, complete documentation means "just enough" to ensure that communication is happening, that business owners, leaders and support/staff - get the system(s) they need to do their jobs and make the business run. We believe that the Latin

"Verba volent, scripta manent" - "Words fly away, writings stay behind"

has value FOR the PURPOSE - of providing stable, working software. Essentialy, written requirements, discovered collaboratively - are the foundation of good software.
This is primarily a Microsoft "shop", but we have Sybase experience and are broadening our knowledge base into the Unix/Linux world of Ruby on Rails with various IDE's, plus a little bit of Oracle. What's really different about Blume Software Engineering LLC is the experience with Business Analysis, requirements gathering and management, UML modeling and full round-trip software engineering that keeps the models and the working code in synchronization. The CEO of Blume Software Engineering has experience with Rational Rose, Rational XDE, Rational ClearCase, Visual UML and Visual Paradigm. So, in addition to doing standard coding, we're experienced with Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Programming in a larger architectural context. You can bet that whatever the specific technology is used to implement/fulfill YOUR specifications, the mindset at Blume Software Engineering will always proceed from the idea that "Well begun is half done."