The Beginning - Requirements
Frederick P Blume Jr
Why do we build new software? Is there really a need, a need for CUSTOM software? Short answer, yes. Each business has some new "twist" on how it does its business, how the workflow goes for each employee. Every business is trying to fill a niche, to be unique, to provide value - that no one else is doing exactly the way envisioned by the business owner, the visionary, the primary stakeholder. So, there will always be a need for custom software - or software that can be customized enough - to fulfill the requirements of the stakeholders, support the workflow of each user. That's what custom software is about. That being the case, there are some industry-standard practices for capturing those requirements - for each user. Requirements AND what they need to do their jobs - in the specific order and flow of how they do them. In this case, it is the Use Case that serves best. Take this website for example. What are the needs of people who use this site - in search of a software engineer who can get their requirements turned into working software? How would this site provide that kind of information in a form that is understandable to all stakeholders? A use case should show that. An example is in order here: "~/Content/models/BSEUseCase.pdf"

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